Saturday, 29 June 2013

M.A.C 217 brush dupe!!!!

No doubt that M.A.C's 217 blending brush is popular for a reason. It's my favourite brush for blending powder eye shadow but can also be used for creams as long as it is cleaned thoroughly. It's made from selective goat hair and is incredibly soft but dense enough to do its job. However with a price tag of £17 it is expensive despite its high quality. BUT WAIT. No7 eyeshadow blend and contour brush is an exact dupe. It's also made of natural hair and is exactly the same shape. It is slightly less dense than the 217 but works just as we'll and for only £7.99 you can't go wrong. I have both brushes and really can't tell the difference other than the length of the handle which is considerably shorter on the No7 brush which makes it perfect for travel. This is the closest dupe I've found for the 217, I hope this has helped :)                                                                                          No7 eyeshadow blend and contour brush: Boots-£7.99                                                                                 217 blending brush: M.A.C-£17

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